Trymax ‘s primary objective is to become one of the World’s leading companies for plasma based semiconductor process equipment.

As a Company, Trymax will do this by:
  1. Continuously investing in R&D, engineering and technology
  2. Focusing effort and resources  to continuously improve the quality, cost and reliability of the products and services we offer
  3. Building long term partnerships with our customers

Since starting our business in 2003, Trymax has focused on two specific areas of the semiconductor equipment market:
  1. Support of so-called Legacy Equipment. Trymax has the expertise and organization in place to be a ‘one stop shop’ for refurbished equipment, parts , maintenance and process support for a range of legacy equipment covering plasma based photoresist removal, isotropic etching and photoresist  pretreatments.
  2. The development, manufacturing and support of  our own NEO branded range of advanced tools for plasma based resist removal, isotropic etching and surface cleaning applications.

Trymax Semiconductor Group

Roggeweg 26B, 6534 AJ Nijmegen

The Netherlands

Tel: +31 24 350 0809