Trymax NEO 2000 Series

The Neo 2000 series advanced plasma ashing/etch system from Trymax Semiconductor Equipment is the latest photoresist removal equipment offering exceptional performance at an incredible price.

Specifically designed for applications up to 200 mm substrates. It’s equipped with a ultra fast transfer platform flexible and configurable for handling all different dimensions of substrates up to 200 mm.

The NEO 2000 series has integrated all the demands from device manufacturers-compact design, high throughput to deliver the lowest cost of Ownership (CoO).

• Features
- 100-150-200 mm wafer size/substrate size
- 3 or 4 cassette stations or 2 integrated SMIF’s.
- 5 axis dual arm robot with specific wafer grippers
- Choice of 4 different process modules:
   • Microwave downstream (2.45 GHz)
   • RF bias (13.56MHz)
   • Dual Source (Microwave, RF bias)
   • DCP (RF Bias, Direct coupling plasma)
- Excellent uniformity and repeatability
- Mechanical throughput > 100wph
- Compact footprint
- Very low Cost of ownership
- Fully digital controlled, Devicenet-Ethernet
- Windows based industrial computer

• Applications
- Bulk resist strip
- Descum processing
- Polymer removal
- Post high dose implant strip
- Silicon Nitride etch applications
- MEMS applications
- Backend packaging processing (PR, PI, BCB, PBO)

• Compliance
- SEMI S2-01
- SEMI S8-01
- CE EU-RoHs

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